Wood Elves

Favored Class: Either Druid or Ranger is added to the chosen favoured class. If one of these classes is chosen, then add the other. +2 DEX +2 CHA -2 CON All other abilities identical

Wood elves possess a fair complexion with typically blonde or red hair. They are very arrogant regarding their appearance as a race, and generally find the grey elves to be horrific for their drastic physical difference from the elven norm. Any wood elf with a significantly different appearance is generally exiled or discriminated.

Having lived under the control of the Greens for the last thousand years, Wood elves have twisted culturally from their former selves. Though they still are impossible to completely control, they have become more docile, at least when it comes to dragons. The elven love of nature has become the end-all of their society, often ignoring compassion for other species in exchange for the continuation of their preferred forest ecology. Many are entirely willing to serve the greens, as the greens have reshaped most of Cotralis, previously sparsely forested, into a lush, almost continent wide, forest. As the pet race of the winning draconic side, wood elven population has exploded, making them the most numerous species on the planet, with humans a distant second.

On Yimir, elves reach physical and emotional maturity as quickly as humans, and they remain fertile for most of their 400-600 year lives. Despite their lower fertility rate than humans, the slow death rate means that populations grow exponentially.

Wood elven society in Cotralis is based on druidic power and draconic patronage. All settlements have at least one, if not a circle, of druids ruling it. Once druids reach a certain level of power, they must seek out a patron among the greens or, rarely, the reds. These patrons provide support, although the druid becomes another pawn in the political games of the greens. Beneath the druids, status is determined by age and familial bonds. Due to the long life-spans of the wood elves, these family trees become incredibly complicated, and genealogy is a respected field for scribes to enter into.

Wood elven cities are usually not recognisable as such, as they do not build anything, and make absolutely no use of stone, although for practical reasons metal is necessary. All cities are made from the manipulation of the forests into forming homes, roofs, and walls. Food is not grown by farmer, but is forced to develop by the druids, giving them control over all plant growth. Meat is hunted by hand, although often the animals are manipulated into traveling to the city for efficient harvesting. Natural predators serve as sentries and defenses in the event of attack. This creates an ecology completely different from any natural setting and druids from Oslund are typically horrified at what the Greens and Wood Elven druids have accomplished.

More than 95% of wood elves live in Cotralis, and the rest live in Oslund. They find the northern continents of Igresio and Tiberius to be unpleasant, and only a few outcasts live there.

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Wood Elves

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