Grey Elves

  • +2 INT +2 WIS -2 CON
  • No weapon proficiencies
  • Stonecunning (although also applies to natural stone features as well as to carved surfaces)
  • Darkvision
  • Detect psionics – Grey elves are always affected by the detect psionics spell
  • +2 to any attempt to overcome psionic resistance
  • +2 to save against any psionic effect
  • Elven sleep immunity
  • +2 to identify psionic or magical traits of crystals for either spellcraft or psicraft.

Grey elves diverged from the rest of the elven species several millennia ago, back when the metallics still existed. In order to hide from draconic forces, this group of elves had no choice but to hide within mountains for very long periods of time. When they finally reemerged, they had changed physically and culturally. Though they are not entirely certain what, something underground gave them psionic potential. Even though they have now left, the potential continues to be passed down through the generations.

For unknown reasons, their lifespans are even longer than normal elves, averaging about 1400 years, though most appear young until the last 200 years if they have any skill with psionics. Those who do not practice psionics typically age at the normal elven rate, though keeping the enhanced lifespan. Their skin is incredibly pale white when first birthed. If they spend a large quantity of time in sunlight, their skin darkens, sliding along the greyscale until it is a deep black, though it will change back if kept out of the sun. Their hair behaves similarly, though in the opposite direction, changing from jet black to pure white. The level of sunlight required for black skin and white hair would be equivalent to walking around in the desert without any protective garments, however, so the typical grey elf in human territory looks rather grey, with light grey skin and dark grey hair. Their eyes are the only normal elven trait: green and brown hues.

Culturally, the time spent hiding underground changed the independent, nature-centric elves. Due to necessity, these elves needed far more specific rules and orders if they were to survive. This, in addition to the mental state necessary for access to psionic power, caused their alignments to trend to the lawful end of the spectrum. Individualism is still prized, but agreed upon laws will override personal preferences. Rules within groups and governmental regulations are typically followed very accurately by the majority of the populace, though rebellious individuals do exist. Grey elven government is parliamentary, with representatives chosen by the populace, often without their consent. Government and organization still annoys the natural tendencies of elves, and while grey elves easily stomach following laws, they are often loathe to create more of them, yielding a very stable and unchanging legal system. The elvish love of nature has expressed itself in a love of rock, stone and the ecology of the underground and mountains. They learn about the crafting of stone and crystal architecture from an early age, and are very proficient at noting differences.

They Grey elves live exclusively in Oslund. They are responsible for both the name as well as the distinctive architecture. Almost a half of their population was killed 500 years ago when the reds invaded, and they still haven’t reached their previous population mass, although now other races have sprung up in the area.

The other prominent Oslunder races (humans, halflings, minotaurs) are generally accepting of grey elves, though almost never to the point of actual friendship. The respect for the grey elves is mostly based on fear of their psionic powers although also of how alien a society they are to the other races. Both wood elves and their half-elven progeny are generally very uncomfortable around grey elves, both because of cultural differences, but also because most of them report ‘sensing’ something strange around grey elves. This makes relations between the two variants of elves practically nonexistent.

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Grey Elves

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