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Humanity lost much in the Chromatic Civil War. Across the planet, almost 80% of humans were killed, most of their colonies were obliterated, and their home territories were occupied. The human colonies in Oslund are the few remaining free human domains (“free” meaning ruled by other humans, not necessarily free for the inhabitants). The human home realms in Cotralis are under the control of the Greens and the Wood elves, where humans are second-class citizens at best. Humanity does have a home in Tiberius and Igresio, though most humans do not acknowledge it as such, and it is debatable whether the inhabitants should technically be considered humans anymore as their bloodlines are so mixed with that of the whites.

Society: Human society in Oslund has a strong tendency towards rigid adherence to an orderly pursuit of status and power. The ideal for Oslunder humans is an individual rising through the ranks of a company or the government through personal charm and intellect to gain wealth and authority. This, naturally, happens very rarely for those not born of the elite classes, but the ideal remains. Another popular ideal is that of adventuring, though this is far less condoned by the government. It is for this reason that humans are the most common race to die while adventuring, as few humans recognize the mortality rate of the profession. Human government has a strong tendency towards either autocratic or bureaucratic, and Oslund (even in the independent territories) tends strongly towards the bureaucratic. The C.P. (Coalition of Principalities) government thrives on bribery and corporate kickbacks, spending most of their time enhancing income and providing for defense against the threat of the Greens.

Relations: Humans in Oslund generally get along well with minotaurs and grey elves. They respect the structure and effectiveness of minotaur society, and many Minotaur military codes are considered laudable. Generally, minotaurs are the most accepted race to humans besides themselves. The grey elves are respected and feared, less because of any statement on their culture and more because of grey elven powers. Human culture generally knows grey elves as cold and apathetic psionicists and the builders of the ancient foundations of old human cities. While tension naturally rises when the races come into contact, humans will generally treat them with similar respect that they would treat a human mage; respectful, but rather nervous of being obliterated. Wood elves are generally treated hostilely because of their enslavement of a significant quantity of humanity. Halfings are viewed as beggars or thieves, analogous to the ways gypsies were treated in Europe on Earth in the medieval period.

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